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Amazon ANS-C01 Exam

Certification Provider: Amazon
Exam Name: AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty
Number of questions in our database: 99
Exam Version: May. 24, 2023
ANS-C01 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Single Topic

Free Amazon ANS-C01 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for ANS-C01 were last updated On May. 24, 2023

Question #1

A company has deployed its AWS environment in a single AWS Region. The environment consists of a few hundred application VPCs, a shared services VPC, and a VPN connection to the company's on-premises environment. A network engineer needs to implement a transit gateway with the following requirements:

* Application VPCs must be isolated from each other.

* Bidirectional communication must be allowed between the application VPCs and the on-premises network.

* Bidirectional communication must be allowed between the application VPCs and the shared services VPC.

The network engineer creates the transit gateway with options disabled for default route table association and default route table propagation. The network engineer also creates the VPN attachment for the on-premises network and creates the VPC attachments for the application VPCs and the shared services VPC.

The network engineer must meet all the requirements for the transit gateway by designing a solution that needs the least number of transit gateway route tables.

Which combination of actions should the network engineer perform to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answer: B, D

Question #2

A company's AWS architecture consists of several VPCs. The VPCs include a shared services VPC and several application VPCs. The company has established network connectivity from all VPCs to the on-premises DNS servers.

Applications that are deployed in the application VPCs must be able to resolve DNS for internally hosted domains on premises. The applications also must be able to resolve local VPC domain names and domains that are hosted in Amazon Route 53 private hosted zones.

What should a network engineer do to meet these requirements?

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Question #3

Your organization has a newly installed 1-Gbps AWS Direct Connect connection. You order the cross-connect from the Direct Connect location provider to the port on your router in the same facility. To enable the use of your first virtual interface, your router must be configured appropriately.

What are the minimum requirements for your router?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #4

An IoT company sells hardware sensor modules that periodically send out temperature, humidity, pressure, and location data through the MQTT messaging protocol. The hardware sensor modules send this data to the company's on-premises MQTT brokers that run on Linux servers behind a load balancer. The hardware sensor modules have been hardcoded with public IP addresses to reach the brokers.

The company is growing and is acquiring customers across the world. The existing solution can no longer scale and is introducing additional latency because of the company's global presence. As a result, the company decides to migrate its entire infrastructure from on premises to the AWS Cloud. The company needs to migrate without reconfiguring the hardware sensor modules that are already deployed across the world. The solution also must minimize latency.

The company migrates the MQTT brokers to run on Amazon EC2 instances.

What should the company do next to meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #5

A company plans to deploy a two-tier web application to a new VPC in a single AWS Region. The company has configured the VPC with an internet gateway and four subnets. Two of the subnets are public and have default routes that point to the internet gateway. Two of the subnets are private and share a route table that does not have a default route.

The application will run on a set of Amazon EC2 instances that will be deployed behind an external Application Load Balancer. The EC2 instances must not be directly accessible from the internet. The application will use an Amazon S3 bucket in the same Region to store dat

a. The application will invoke S3 GET API operations and S3 PUT API operations from the EC2 instances. A network engineer must design a VPC architecture that minimizes data transfer cost.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: C

Option C is the optimal solution as it involves deploying the EC2 instances in the private subnets, which provides additional security benefits. Additionally, creating an S3 gateway endpoint in the VPC will enable the EC2 instances to communicate with Amazon S3 directly, without incurring data transfer costs. This is because the S3 gateway endpoint uses Amazon's private network to transfer data between the VPC and S3, which is not charged for data transfer. Furthermore, specifying the route table of the private subnets during endpoint creation will create routes to Amazon S3, which is required for the EC2 instances to communicate with S3.

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