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Amazon Exam SAA-C03 Topic 2 Question 17 Discussion

Actual exam question for Amazon's SAA-C03 exam
Question #: 17
Topic #: 2
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A social media company runs its application on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The ALB is the origin for an Amazon CloudFront distribution. The application has more than a billion images stored in an Amazon S3 bucket and processes thousands of images each second. The company wants to resize the images dynamically and serve appropriate formats to clients.

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

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Suggested Answer: C

Lambda@Edge is a service that allows you to run Lambda functions at CloudFront edge locations. It can be used to modify requests and responses that flow through CloudFront. CloudFront origin request policy is a policy that controls the values (URL query strings, HTTP headers, and cookies) that are included in requests that CloudFront sends to the origin. It can be used to collect additional information at the origin or to customize the origin response. CloudFront response headers policy is a policy that specifies the HTTP headers that CloudFront removes or adds in responses that it sends to viewers. It can be used to add security or custom headers to responses.

Based on these definitions, the solution that will meet the requirements with the least operational overhead is:

1. Use a Lambda@Edge function with an external image management library. Associate the Lambda@Edge function with the CloudFront behaviors that serve the images.

This solution would allow the application to use a Lambda@Edge function to resize the images dynamically and serve appropriate formats to clients based on the User-Agent HTTP header in the request. The Lambda@Edge function would run at the edge locations, reducing latency and load on the origin. The application code would only need to include an external image management library that can perform image manipulation tasks1.

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