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Alibaba ACA System Operator Certification Exam

Certification Provider: Alibaba
Exam Name: ACA System Operator Certification
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 62
Exam Version: Jun. 20, 2022
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Deploy and configure ECS on Alibaba Cloud, Set up remote access to ECS/ Apply Alibaba Cloud Networking Features
  • Topic 2: Use Cloud Monitor to monitor application resource usage and health status/ Cloud Architecture- High Availability and Fault Tolerance
  • Topic 3: Use Alibaba Cloud services and features to manage and assess resource utilization/ Implement scalability and elasticity based on a given use case using Auto-Scaling and Load Balancer
  • Topic 4: Implement connectivity to build a full-mesh global network on cloud/ Create container images for lightweight application packaging using Docker
  • Topic 5: Manage permissions for an enterprise organization on the cloud/ Recognize and differentiate highly available and resilient architectures on Alibaba Cloud
  • Topic 6: Identify and implement data protection, encryption, and capacity planning needs/ Enable finance to see what is being spent, when, and by whom
  • Topic 7: Manage identity and authentication for an organization?s users, across multiple platforms/ Publish container images to Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR)
  • Topic 8: Network design for resource sharing between different accounts/ Use Cloud Config to track resource configuration changes and evaluate configuration compliance
  • Topic 9: Create an ECS image to package the application and runtime environments for easy distribution/ Gather and interpret relevant information for network troubleshooting
  • Topic 10: Migrate data from a local environment to OSS or RDS using DTS or OSS utilities/ Implement data backup, archiving and retention for Cloud Disk, RDS, and OSS

Free Alibaba ACA System Operator Certification Exam Actual Questions

The questions for ACA System Operator Certification were last updated On Jun. 20, 2022

Question #1

RAM supports custom policies.

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Question #2

As the system administrator of a multinational company, you are responsible

for the accounts and resources management on the cloud. Which of the

following solutions are suitable for your company's IT Governance? (Number of correct answers: 3)

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Question #3

Which of the following web applications are suitable for deployment on Simple Application Server (SAS), as compared with ECS? (Number of correct answers: 3)

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Question #4

A developer has written a web application using a microservice architecture,

in such an architecture, the client (web browser or mobile application) first initiates a request. The request first reaches the load balancer, then goes through an authentication service, a billing service, then requests a resource, and finally a result is returned. How many spans does such a call chain

consist of?

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Correct Answer: C

1-request, 2-load balancer, 3-authentication service, 4-billing service, 5- resource request

Question #5

You need to log all actions taken by users of your Alibaba Cloud account,

whether via the command line tools or the web console. Which Alibaba Cloud

product can you use to create a log of user operations?

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