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Adobe AD5-E809 Exam

Exam Name: Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert renewal
Exam Code: AD5-E809
Related Certification(s): Adobe Target Certification
Certification Provider: Adobe
Actual Exam Duration: 64 Minutes
Number of AD5-E809 practice questions in our database: 45 (updated: 01-02-2024)
Expected AD5-E809 Exam Topics, as suggested by Adobe :
  • Topic 1: Identify opportunities for testing based on business KPIs and data analysis/ Determine the appropriate analytics reporting sources
  • Topic 2: Describe the 3-step workflow that applies to creating Target Activities/ Evaluate and identify common problems associated with A/B testing and how to avoid them
  • Topic 3: Construct test hypotheses based on a given scenario and identify hypotheses elements/ Determine the winning variation based on the observed lift, confidence levels and business objectives
  • Topic 4: Prioritize test ideas based on business needs, level of effort, and potential for lift/ Explain the use of Form-Based Experience Composer vs. the Visual Experience Composer
  • Topic 5: Estimate activity duration using the Adobe Sample Size Calculator or equivalent/ Define and evaluate report settings to help set the elements that appear in a report
  • Topic 6: Apply procedures to manage experiences within an experience composer/ Determine KPI-based primary and secondary success metrics
  • Topic 7: Use Experience Cloud Debugger to validate implementation/ Evaluate Automated Personalization Summary reports
  • Topic 8: Identity the appropriate Target activity type/ Identify business KPIs and successfully translate these into optimization goals given key business requirements
  • Topic 9: Apply procedures to create an XT activity/ Apply procedures to set Goals and Settings
  • Topic 10: Configuring, Executing and Managing/ Align activity types with specific use cases/ Apply procedures to create an Audience in Target
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Free Adobe AD5-E809 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for AD5-E809 were last updated On 01-02-2024 (see below)

Question #1

A home improvement videos website has an advertising-supported revenue model. Videos begin with a sponsor's advertisement. The task is to administer a test on the home page to determine which experiences drive video engagement.

Based on this scenario, what is the most appropriate optimization goal for this test?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #2

A Target Business Practitioner (BP) is creating an Audience in a new installation of Target Standard. The BP wants to include users who entered a site on a specific URL.

Which type of audience rule should the BP use?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #3

An A/B test was conducted to test different variations of copy on the homepage. During the analysis of the results, it was identified that different copy resonated better with different audiences.

Which activity type should an Adobe Target Business Practitioner recommend using to ensure that the most effective copy is displayed to the right audience?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #4

A media company would like to create activities that value pages based on page type. The home page is worth ten cents per view and article pages are worth five cents per view.

Which metric should be used in order to track these different values on these pages?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

The optimization team is planning their next 3-month experimentation roadmap for the homepage. They have the following candidates:

A - 8 weeks to build, another estimated A weeks to complete (run), and a projected 20% lift in conversion rate. B - 5 weeks to build, another estimated 7 weeks to complete (run), and a projected 25% lift in conversion rate. C - 5 weeks to build another estimated 3 weeks to complete (run), and a projected 15% lift in conversion rate. D - Requires no development team resource, an estimated 7 weeks to complete (run), and a projected 10% lift in conversion rate.

Providing all the estimations are correct and the development team can only build one test at a time, how should they plan their roadmap?

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Correct Answer: A

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